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Plan ahead for the perfect Holiday Gift, a Custom Photo Memory Quilt or Clothing/T-Shirt Quilt!

Personalized with Embroidery and your favorite Photos-getting close to being booked for Christmas orders so don't wait too long!


Pre-Holiday Sale! 

Limited quantities available so don't delay!

All items on the following pages, 50% off plus free shipping- while they last!

Pre-made Quilts, Pre-made Pillow Covers, Panel Quilts, Candle Mats and Pocket Pillows (Photos and/or Embroidered Wording may still be added to some items, please inquire)  Send requests and any questions to Karen.


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Wedding/Anniversary Pillow Covers

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Photo Memory Pillow Covers

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Graduation Pillow Covers



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Wedding/Anniversary Quilts

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Photo Memory Quilts

T-Shirt/Clothing Quilts


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Graduation Quilts

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Shelf Quilts

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Theme Quilts

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Quilts for Baby/Kids

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Quilts for Men

Holiday Quilts


Circle of Friends Quilting offers FREE shipping

to our US customers!


Custom Photo Memory Quilts and Pillow Covers

Each Quilt and Pillow Cover is customized per your special requests!  Quilts can be made up in any size, color combination, theme and with any number of Photos, Clothing Pieces and/or T-shirts.

Click on any of the underlined themes to view samples of 

Custom Photo Memory Quilts and Pillow Covers for any occasion:  Graduation, Weddings or Anniversary celebrations.  A Personalized Photo Memory Quilt or Pillow Cover is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Acknowledge that Special Someone with a unique Appreciation Keepsake Quilt or a Participation Quilt.  It's the perfect gift idea for a favorite Teacher, Co-Worker or Club Member, Retiree or just a way of saying "Thanks!"  Participation Quilts are also great for Fundraisers!  Don't throw away those old T-Shirts or Clothing Items-preserve great memories with a fabulous T-Shirt/Clothing Quilt!  We even have quilts for that special Guy or that 'Bundle of Joy'!  A Memorial Quilt will offer many precious memories of a loved one at a glance.  We specialize in Quilts that are lots of fun and non-traditional: check out samples on these pages- Theme Quilts, Scrapbook Quilts and Shelf QuiltsEmail with your special requests and cost inquiries.  Circle of Friends Quilting also offers a nice variety of Pre-made Quilts and Pillow Covers- some can still be personalized with embroidery and a photograph.  


Circle of Friends Quilting is committed to creating a totally unique and personal Quilt or Pillow for you.  We will do everything possible to honor your Special Requests and look forward to working with you!  Almost anything is possible, just ask!  Send your requests today so we can get started on your Treasured Keepsake.


Contact Information


Welcome!  Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or special requests for your Custom Memory Quilt or Pillow Cover.

Karen Dunn   Owner/Designer-Circle of Friends Quilting

Electronic mail 
(586)  264-1937
Postal Address
4759 Pickwick Drive
        Sterling Heights, Michigan
(586)  264-1937


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