Shelf Quilts
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Shelf Quilts: 


The Ultimate Personalized Keepsake Quilt


These quilts truly are a Feast for the Eyes!  Send us your personal keepsakes like photos, linens, buttons & pins, patches & appliqués, clothing pieces, etc. and we'll add it to the quilt.  Tell us about the quilt recipient: What are their favorite things, interests, hobbies-we'll add beautiful embroidered designs to compliment the quilt and add a personal touch!  Almost anything is possible-email your special requests and/or questions to  We'll get back to you ASAP with our design plan and quilt costs.


If referencing any of the quilts on this page, please give us the page name (Shelf Quilts) and Quilt name.  



Shelf Quilt Samples


april11081.JPG (1028419 bytes) april11085.JPG (1033594 bytes) april11086.JPG (1030228 bytes)

Vintage Shelves

60" Square

Approx. $350.

Patchwork, Quilted border made from vintage fabric scraps belonging to Quilt recipient!


Appliqués, Photos, Linens, Embroidered Designs, Trims, Embellishments and more added.  Almost  anything is possible-just ask!

Photo to the right is a label Embroidered and added to the Quilt back.

april11087.JPG (1080849 bytes)


March15065.JPG (646325 bytes) March15066.JPG (650104 bytes) March15067.JPG (661297 bytes)

My Favorite Things!

43.5 x 58"

Approx. $350.

Appliquéd items added

Embroidered Designs available in almost any theme


March15068.JPG (668159 bytes) March150610.JPG (651817 bytes) March150611.JPG (627486 bytes)

Multi photos added and framed in different trims

Any Fabric theme or color available

Close-up of appliquéd doll



The Antique Shoppe

This Quilt measures 

38.5 x 49"

Approx. $330.


We've added all your favorite things to create the perfect keepsake Memory Quilt

Embroidered Designs, Appliqué, Photos and Multi-Embellishment


Photos may be copied in Black/White or Sepia

Vintage Linens, gloves and Pins

Thousands of Embroidered Designs available-email special requests to

March8,03026.jpg (87931 bytes)

March8,03033.jpg (79679 bytes)

March8,03030.jpg (285407 bytes)

 Shelf Quilt Sample-Lavender

34.5 X 34"


This quilt available for purchase

Shelf Quilt Sample

38 x 46"

Approx. $375.

Photo in Frame

Books w/tassel

glove draped

March8,03034.jpg (305239 bytes)

March8,03035.jpg (287219 bytes)

Sample Shelf w/ Doily

Sample Shelf w/ Photo & Plates


PIC00001.JPG (202541 bytes) PIC00002.JPG (204077 bytes) PIC00003.JPG (206584 bytes)

Favorite Memories Quilt

Approx. $250.

Appliquéd Center Block

Photo's Added

Many Embroidered Designs Available