Scrapbook Quilts
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Scrapbook Quilts- A unique and creative way to add traditional Scrapbook designs to fabric.  Any size and Theme available, we'll add your photos, embroidered designs and/or wording to the quilt using non-traditional piecing to create this fun, Scrapbook style Quilt.

Embellishments such as Buttons, Charms, Ribbons and Trims, Appliques, Clothing and T-Shirt panels/Pieces are the perfect addition to give your quilt a Scrapbook appeal.  Most quilts are still washable.

Send special requests, theme ideas and detail information to  Give us an idea of the approximate size quilt you would like and  the number of photos you have.  We'll get back to you with a price quote and time of completion.

If referencing any of the quilts on this page, please give us the page name (Scrapbook Quilts) and Quilt name.  


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T-Shirt Graduation Quilt

88 x 96"

Approx. $600.

T-Shirt Panels, Appliqués, Clothing Pieces and more added!

Great in School Colors!

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

84 x 95"

Approx. $600.

T-Shirt Panels, Appliqués, Clothing Pieces and more added!  To view Graduation Quilt Samples Click Here

Any size, color and theme available, just ask!

Embroidered Designs in almost any theme also.


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Scrap Book Quilt

All Sizes & Themes Available

Capture your Favorite moments...

This quilt approx. $220.

and Memories.

Feb27062.JPG (654448 bytes) Feb27063.JPG (649744 bytes) Feb27064.JPG (655950 bytes)

The Ultimate Scrapbook Quilt!

This Quilt- 57 x 75"

Approx. $450.

T-Shirt panels, Clothing Pieces and Appliques added

Almost anything is possible-just ask!

Feb27065.JPG (660146 bytes) Feb27066.JPG (656181 bytes) Feb27067.JPG (645056 bytes)
To view more Graduation Samples, Click Here

Embroidered Designs and Wording

Fun Embellishments like Buttons, Trims and Charms can be added. 
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Scrapbook Style Quilt

This Quilt 53.5 x 60.5"

Approx. $300.

Patchwork piecing, photo-play and block design make this a fun Scrapbook on fabric!

Embroidered Wording in center block-Many Embroidered designs also available

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Tropical Flare!

This Quilt 48 x 59"

Approx. $250.

Fabulous Batik fabrics used to create a Tropical Theme.  Fleece backed for comfort!

Hundreds of Embroidered Designs available in almost any Theme-please inquire