Basic Quilt information- All quilts are made using 100% quality cotton fabrics in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.  They are also washable; instructions are included with your order.   I use a wonderful Fleece fabric for the backing (unless otherwise requested) making the Quilt super soft and cozy!  Please note: My quilts are NOT the thick, puffy comforter style like the ones purchased in the stores.  The Fleece or thin batting offers warmth and allows the quilt to drape nicely.  Since I do not stitch on the photos, the Fleece/thinner batting allows the photos to lay flat and gives the quilt that ‘old fashioned, hand-made look’.  My quilts are all machine-pieced and machine-quilted.  I am always happy to add Embroidered Designs and/or Wording to make your quilt truly Personalized and become a Keepsake Treasure. Many samples available to view for ideas.


Pillow Covers are also custom made honoring your requests whenever possible.  I can add 1 or 2 photos, embroidered wording (name, date and/or short saying) and an embroidered design.  The Pillow Cover has an open back for easy pillow form insertion, is washable and has a 2" fabric ruffle.  Almost any theme and color way are available.  Note: These are Pillow Covers that fit over a 16" Pillow Form-the Pillow Form is not included.   Larger sizes are available, just ask!


 These are the most frequently asked questions:  If I missed yours, let me know! 

Karen@cofq.net or 586-264-1937

Quick scan of Questions-answers below.

#1   How big a quilt can you make?

#2   How are the photo blocks laid out, is there a set pattern?

#3   I don’t have all my photos yet or would like to add photos after I give the quilt as a gift.

#4   I need to see the fabrics and pick my own.

#5   What do the quilts cost?

#6  How do I get my photos to you?

#7   Is the quilt washable?

#8   Will the photos fade?

#9  I have quite a few requests for some different things I’d like on my quilt…

#10  How and when do I pay for my quilt order?

#11   How do I know if my pictures will work, when you start my order and how it’s going?

#12   Will you ship to a location other than the US?

#13   Is there a shipping charge?


#1   How big a quilt can you make?     Any size Quilt is available-even as large as a California King.  Submit special requests for a quote and time frame.  The most popular size is a medium throw, approx. 45” x 60”.  Of course you may order any size, even as small as a placemat. Don’t forget about the Memory Photo Pillows.


#2    How are the photo blocks laid out, is there a set pattern?   Click Custom Quilts  and check out the many pages of samples for ideas.  Remember, the style or layout you like can be made up in any color and/or fabric theme.  Don’t see exactly the layout you like- suggestions are always welcome.  There is no set pattern unless requested.  I like to see your photos and items to be added to the quilt before I come up with a unique pattern that works for your personal interests and accommodates the number of photos/items you have.


#3   I don’t have all my photos yet or would like to add photos after I give the quilt as a gift.  I don’t need to have all the photos to start your order, just payment.  I can add photos before I quilt and even after.  If you need to return the quilt to me to add photos, there may be an additional charge depending on the number of photos and size of the quilt.  There will be a shipping charge added to send the quilt back to you.


#4   I need to see the fabrics and pick my own.   Sorry, I do understand that you may want to see fabrics first hand but my business is internet based only. I usually purchase my fabrics after I see your photos and get all your special requests so I can choose the perfect fabric in your color/theme that will work with the unique quilt I'm making for you.  

That is why I offer many samples on my website to give you ideas.   Check out the samples and let me know what fabrics I’ve already used that might be to your liking.  Or you can purchase your own fabric-I’ll give you the yardages and it may be reflected in the cost of the quilt.  I am sometimes able to send fabric swatches, just ask.


#5   What do the quilts cost?  Cost is based on 3 things.  Size of the quilt, number of photos used and detail (quilts with a lot of embroidery, appliqué and/or embellishment are obviously going to be more).  You may have items like cards, written poems or longer sayings-these types of items will need to be copied and count as a photo.  I'll also want to know if you have extra items to be added (like T-shirt and/or Clothing pieces, patches, appliques,etc.)  If you can give me an idea of the approx. size and number of photos/T-shirts/Clothing items to be added, I can get back with you on an approx. cost-no obligation of course.


#6  How do I get my photos to you?  Photos can be emailed to me in .jpeg format or sent via regular mail.  Photos will be returned, unharmed, with your quilt order.  Please note I can and do resize if need be to fit the quilt and can do a little cropping but I CANNOT retouch photos.  What you send is what I copy so please make sure all photos are clear.  Digital photos should be taken with a higher resolution so they are not distorted in any way.  


#7    Is the quilt washable?  I transfer your photos onto pre-treated fabric that is washable.  Washing instructions are included with every order.  The quilt can also be dry-cleaned.  


#8   Will the photos fade?   I have been making the Photo Quilts for 20+ years and have honestly only heard from a couple customers who experienced some fading over a time period of at least a couple years.  Washing instructions are included and need to be followed to ensure longevity but I'm guessing if you  wash constantly or Quilt is exposed to constant sunlight, there will be some fading.  The products to pretreat the photo fabric have greatly improved though!


#9  I have quite a few requests for some different things I’d like on my quilt… Bring it on!  I love a challenge and will do whatever I can to honor your quilt requests.  I have several samples on my site where I’ve used T-Shirt pieces, patches and appliqués, dimensional embellishment, etc. 


#10  How and when do I pay for my quilt order?    Your order is confirmed when I receive payment and I do not start orders until I receive your payment.  On larger orders I will be happy to accept a deposit of half.  Please note that I take orders on a first come, first pay basis.  I prefer either a money order or a personal check made out to: Karen Dunn If more convenient I can also accept a credit card payment -the credit card Pay Now button is at the bottom of my website front page.  Checks can be sent to me at:

4759 Pickwick Drive

Sterling Heights, Michigan  48310


#11   How do I know if my pictures will work, when you start my order and how it’s going?  I will email you when I receive your photos and payment so you know they arrived safely.  I’ll look through the photos to make sure I don’t see any problem areas.  I will also email you when the order is started and keep you updated on progress throughout the construction period.  You will get another email when your order is on the way!  I don’t EVER have a problem with my customers keeping in touch, even if you just want to check on your order.  Email me ANYTIME!


#12   Will you ship to a location other than the US? Unfortunately no, I'm so sorry. 


#13   Is there a shipping charge?  Circle of Friends Quilting will ship your Quilt for free to any location in the USA.  That also includes any photographs we need to return to you.  However, if you request that we return any unused fabric, T-shirt or Clothing pieces, Artwork or other items copied, you will be responsible for that shipping fee.